Available Mentors - Research students

Available for those students studying a PhD or Masters by Research.

There are currently 2 mentors available.

Alfandi Yahya

PhD – Design and Art

Bentley campus

I’m currently undertaking Ph.D in Digital Design, majoring specifically in Smartphone User Interface Design. I taught some subjects in Digital Design at Curtin University Bentley Campus and also online learning in OUA. I have also taught several subjects in another university in Melbourne.
I hope my previous experience and expertise will be beneficial to the students or institution.

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Lydia Trethewey

PhD – Design and Art

Bentley campus

I’m in the final six months of my PhD, and feel like now I have some experience to share! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my study, despite it being difficult and stressful at times – I also found that a lot of the information provided for students on how to manage a PhD is very negative (“How to Survive Your PhD”). I think there are lots of ways to make the journey fun, and go as smoothly as possible.

My own research is in Fine Art (with the exegetical style PhD), examining the way quotidian-sublimity arises during everyday travel. Currently I work mostly with photographic- and video-based art. Over the last three and a half years I’ve presented my research at five conferences, and exhibited my art in a number of shows. I hope to submit my research for examination in November.

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Available Mentors - Coursework students

Available for those students studying a Masters by Coursework, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Diploma.

There is currently 1 mentor available.

Frasier Cheng-Binns

Masters by Coursework – Design and Art

Bentley campus

Hi, my name is Frasier and I’m in my final semester of Masters of Applied Design and Arts. I want to find out if I can bridge the communication gap between deaf and hearing people through an app/website. This comes from my personal experience where I was born deaf but I have a cochlear implant that enables me to hear. I have verbal communication problems with people from time to time which is why I decided to tackle this issue. I am currently writing up an exegesis paper about it. I cannot wait to finish this degree!

I enjoy video gaming (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds anyone?), Photoshopping weird stuff and hanging out with friends.

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If no mentors are available in this School, or you would like to have a different mentor from those available, please contact the program coordinator to make alternative arrangements. New mentors are registering all the time – please check again soon.