Available Mentors - Research students

Available for those students studying a PhD or Masters by Research.

There are currently 2 mentors available.

Han Lee

Masters by Research – Media, Culture and Creative Arts

Bentley campus, Part-time

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Michael Wieteska

Masters by Research – Media, Culture and Creative Arts

Bentley campus (partially online)

I’m involved in the International Relations and National Security program, and am in the process of completing my Masters thesis by research, focusing on counterinsurgency. As such, I effectively live on campus, and have a good working relationship with all of the academics in the Securities faculty. This particular field is mind-bogglingly overwhelming, particularly to those entering it with limited prior experience. Having experienced this firsthand, I’d be happy to help assist others as they attempt to acclimatise themselves with this dense, though-provoking field of study.

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Available Mentors - Coursework students

Available for those students studying a Masters by Coursework, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Diploma.

There are currently 2 mentors available.

Katherine Bracewell

Graduate Certificate – Media, Culture and Creative Arts

Full Online student

I completed in 2016 a degree in Anthropology and Sociology and I am now doing a Graduate Certificate in Human Rights, all of which has been fully online! It’s great to have that option and flexibility, especially if you are a single parent like myself.

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Anna Halipilias

Masters by Coursework – Media, Culture and Creative Arts

Bentley campus

Hi there, I’m Anna.
I’m 29 and finishing my second year of Master of Media and Communication degree on Curtin’s Bentley campus. I’m an internal student but have some experience with online learning.
My background is in film, television, narrative and photography. I’ve earned a bachelor degree in communications from Griffith University, majoring in screen studies and narrative, and I’ve worked extensively in the television and photography industries over the last eight years. My passion (and my current major), however, is in cultural studies, especially how the world is interpreted through film and TV.
I have experience mentoring with Curtin, so this isn’t my first rodeo. It’s my job to make sure that you’re not only thriving with the postgrad workload, but also that you’re loving uni life.
No question is too simple or too small… ask away.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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If no mentors are available in this School, or you would like to have a different mentor from those available, please contact the program coordinator to make alternative arrangements. New mentors are registering all the time – please check again soon.