Available Mentors - Research students

Available for those students studying a PhD or Masters by Research.

There are currently 2 mentors available.

Ronniy Joseph

PhD – Physics and Astronomy

Bentley campus

Hi there,
Just arrived at Curtin/Perth and trying to find your way? I remember what it’s like when I arrived last year to start my in PhD in Astronomy. Let me just introduce myself. I’m Ronniy, 26, Dutch, avid Latin Dancer, have a passion for hiking and travelling (around Australia).
I came to Perth in late 2016 to start my PhD on the finetuning of the newest radio telescopes in the hunt for the very first stars in the Universe. It’s a great time for Astronomy in Western Australia, since we have access to incredible supercomputers, an amazing telescope in the middle of the Midwest desert and a huge international colloboration.
If you need help finding your way around Perth, Curtin, the Curtin Clubs or have general questions on how to tackle things in your PhD, your supervisor or anything else, just let me know!

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Ryan Urquhart

PhD – Physics and Astronomy

Bentley campus

I am an astronomy PhD student in my third year of research. I have been at Curtin for over 6 years, completing my undergraduate studies here in 2014.  For my PhD project I search for rapidly-feeding black holes with X-ray telescopes and then use a combination of data from across the electromagnetic spectrum in order to study them. This has meant that I’ve been lucky enough to investigate the physical processes behind some of the most powerful objects in the Universe. On top of my studies, I also enjoy engaging in science and astronomy outreach programs. I would be happy to chat with any new PhD students about my experiences at Curtin and share tips and tricks on surviving postgraduate life.

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Available Mentors - Coursework students

Available for those students studying a Masters by Coursework, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Diploma.

There are currently 0 mentors available.

If no mentors are available in this School, or you would like to have a different mentor from those available, please contact the program coordinator to make alternative arrangements. New mentors are registering all the time – please check again soon.